Today I share with you guys about TranslatePress plugin review. Currently, there are many types of plugins that support building multilingual websites on wordpress such as Weglot, Polylang, WPML, etc. In which, TranslatePress is a prominent name, widely used by many people.

To help you have a thorough look and better understand the pros and cons of TranslatePress, here we will have a detailed and complete review of this translation plugin. Let’s find out together!

1. Overview of the TranslatePress plugin on a WordPress site

TranslatePress is a WordPress translation plugin developed by Cozmoslabs. Currently this plugin has more than 100.00 downloads and is rated 4.4 / 5 stars on Overall, the TranslatePress plugin is pretty easy to use. Even if you don’t know much about programming, you can still translate content directly from your website’s user interface.

TranslatePress plugin review
TranslatePress plugin review

Some of the outstanding features of TranslatePress include:

Support multi-language website translation

1.SEO Pack Addon: Support to translate slug, meta, page title, alt image, … help website increase rankings on local search pages.

2. Support manual translation and automatic translation

3. visual translation editor

4. automatically detect the user’s language

5.Create a professional translator account: You can assign a translation role to any user on the site. These users will then be able to translate content on the site, but will not be able to access the full WordPress admin area. The main purpose of this feature is to keep your website safe and secure.

2. Consider the TranslatePress plugin

To have a more complete and accurate view of TranslatePress, we will evaluate this multilingual plugin based on the following factors:

  • Ease of use
  • Ability to translate
  • SEO Support
  • Page loading speed
  • Price

A2. Easy to use

TranslatePress is rated as one of the easiest-to-use multilingual plugins available today. While Polylang and WPML are just backend plugins (the translation will be done manually in the WordPress Editor), TranslatePress has an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

This plugin has a very lively and simple frontend translation interface, similar to the Customizer on WordPress. To translate content, simply move your mouse to the desired string location and click on the pencil icon.

TranslatePress plugin review
TranslatePress plugin review

If you want to know more about how to use the TranslatePress translation plugin, you can see detailed instructions here:

A Guide to Using TranslatePress to Create Multilingual Websites Easily

Another great thing about TranslatePress is that you can translate and manage all languages on a single interface. This will save you a lot of time and effort if the number of languages to be translated is more than two.

A.2. Translation ability

To evaluate the translation capabilities of TranslatePress, let’s explore 3 aspects, which are:

Number of languages the plugin supports translation. Translation completeness (content that the TranslatePress plugin can translate). Translation method (allows manual or automatic translation). Number of languages TranslatePress plugin supports translation

When using the free TranslatePress plugin package, you are only allowed to translate the website into a single language (similar to Weglot). If you want to translate content into more languages, you need to use the premium (paid) version of TranslatePress.

The maximum number of languages ​​that the TranslatePress plugin can support for translation is up to 221 languages.

The completeness of the translation
One attractive feature of the TranslatePress plugin is that it allows you to translate all the content on your page, including posts, slugs, titles, meta descriptions, images, even themes, plugins and more again.

In particular, the multilingual TranslatePress plugin also supports translating content on WooCommerce very well. Currently, it is the only plugin that offers Woocommerce compatibility in the free plan.

In the example image below, on the WooCommerce store, you can easily translate the content of the “Add to Cart” button from English to Spanish and Vietnamese.

TranslatePress plugin review

Translation method

Besides allowing manual translation like WPML and Polylang, the TranslatePress plugin also supports you with automatic translation by integrating with Google Translate API or DeepL API. However, it should be noted that automatic translation will be charged based on word count. To know more about how the Google Translation API and DeepL API are charged, you can read more here:

  • Google Translate AP
  • DeepL AP

If you use the TranslatePress automatic translation feature, the translations will be saved on the WordPress database system. Thus, even if you stop using the service of the provider, your translated content will not be lost. This also means that you can manually edit machine-generated translations at any time if needed.

It can be said that TranslatePress is a quite comprehensive combination of WPML / Polylang (manual translation plugin) and Weglot (automatic translation plugin).

A.3. SEO Support

TranslatePress is considered to be very SEO friendly. The plugin allows you to customize subfolders (e.g. for translation languages ​​(similar to the Weglot plugin). However you will not be able to use subdomains.

Besides, if you want better SEO support, you can choose to buy the premium TranslatePress packages to use the Add-on SEO Pack. Then you will be able to translate:

  • URL Links
  • Page title and description
  • Image alt text
  • Facebook Open Graph tag

This will make it easier for your site to rank on local search.

In addition, TranslatePress also automatically changes menu links and widgets on translation pages. Whereas, if using WPML or Polylang, you have to do these things manually.

A.4 Page loading speed

One of the top factors you need to consider when choosing a WordPress translation plugin is how it affects page load speed. A slow page load speed will lower your site’s search rankings, leading to less website traffic and ultimately lower revenue.

So how does TranslatePress affect page load speed?

Below is a page load speed test performed by the team at TranslatePress. You can refer to a more complete TranslatePress translation plugin evaluation.

The test was performed on a page using the Twenty Fifteen theme with about 1,600 words of content and no other plugins installed except the multilingual plugin under test.

Tested multilingual plugins include: TranslatePress, Weglot, Polylang and WPML.

** Page load time per plugin measured 30 times and averaged. This test used Chrome DevTools to measure load times.

The results of the test are illustrated below: Chart 1 shows the original page load time in the test:

TranslatePress plugin review

With the chart above, we see that TranslatePress and Weglot have pretty good load times (under 1 second). Meanwhile, Polylang and WPML seem to take longer to load the page.

Graph 2 shows the translated page load time:

With this chart, we can see that Weglot has increased render time significantly compared to the original page (load time took almost 1.5 seconds). This is possible because Weglot translations are not saved on the WordPress database. Therefore, the plugin needs more time to connect to the Weglot server when it wants to provide translations for the website.

Meanwhile, the load time of TranslatePress is not affected much despite the large number of words to be translated. The reason is that because TranslatePress translations are stored in the internal database, data retrieval is faster.

Page load speed test may vary on WordPress installation and bundled plugins. However, based on the above test results, we see that TranslatePress has a fairly fast page load speed (for both original and translated pages) compared to other popular translation plugins.

A.5 Price

The TranslatePress plugin offers both paid and free versions for users. In particular, the paid TranslatePress version has 3 packages for you to choose from:

Personal (allows use on one site): €79/year (approximately US$88).
Enterprise (allows use on up to 3 sites): 139€/year (equivalent to about 155 USD)
Developer (unlimited number of sites to use): 199 € / year (equivalent to about 222 US dollars).

Each paid plan offers an enhanced trading interface, SEO Pack Addon support, 1 year of updates and premium support.

Overall, compared to other popular translation plugins, the price offered by TranslatePress is quite good. Moreover, the plugin also has a free version (while WPML requires a minimum fee of 29 USD for 1 year of use).

3. Pros and cons of the TranslatePress plugin

To help you evaluate the TranslatePress plugin more comprehensively and accurately, here is an overview of the plugin’s pros/cons:

Advantages Weakness
– There is a free version to choose from The free version is limited, only allowing you to translate into a language.
– Intuitive, user-friendly, easy-to-use frontend interface. – Does not support SEO Pack Addon for the free version.
– Supports translation of all content types like: posts, Taxonomies, menu items, themes, plugins, shortcode output, URLs, WooCommerce Products,
Support SEO Pack Addon for multilingual websites.
Automatically detect user language: Redirect users to translation based on their browser language or IP address (this is a premium feature).
Provide a professional translation account for better website security (translators can edit translations but no admin rights).

4. Summary

Based on the TranslatePress plugin reviews above, we can see that it is a very simple and easy to use translation plugin. The free version is very useful to help create a multilingual website. However, to optimize for SEO, you need to invest in one of TranslatePress’ paid plans.

If you don’t know much about programming but still want to fully translate your WordPress site, then the TranslatePress plugin should be your first choice.

The outstanding advantages of this plugin are its intuitive, user-friendly interface, automatic machine translation, and free WooCommerce support. With the features that TranslatePress brings, we would like to rate it 4.5 / 5 stars.

Hopefully with our TranslatePress plugin reviews above, you’ve got the information you need to choose the best translation plugin for you. If you want to learn more about other translation plugins, you can check out our article on the 4 best multilingual plugins.


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