Talking about SEO, we give you some ideas to make your website better SEO, As you know everyday there are things you have to do, but it’s important to look at the bigger picture, especially at the beginning of the year 2021


In internal SEO, there are things you have to do every day, but it’s important to look at the bigger picture, especially at the beginning of the year.

The initiatives below cannot be achieved overnight. It requires deeper integration with other things, and like any great initiative, it requires time and planning.

As you review the following list, it’s important to remember that there are short-term SEO strategies that we all implement on a daily basis, as well as SEO initiatives that can’t be taken overnight and will take a long time. time. time. time. time and effort.

Introducing you to our SEO consultant, the 7 initiatives listed below are some of the most important decisions one can make to do in-house SEO. If you are willing to be proactive, to reap the rewards of your SEO strategy

A.1. To be doing that you need to have an idea

For search engines, especially Google, the quality of content is what Google always prioritizes.

We are in an economy where too much content is created, so quality content generation is always appreciated. This content often gets a lot of shares and comments on it.

A quality article with reliable reviews and advice will have a lot of influence on the reader. Especially if the writer is famous, or has a voice in the industry, there is more consensus and regular follow-up.

So, what’s the point of renaming a post? That let the reader know, it was written by individuals, experts in the company, with shared views and devices, not a general article or copied from a certain source.

From there, bring the imagination to the reader, and make the website more vivid.

2. Search through mobile network

The trend of mobile search has increased and decreased in recent years and continues unceasingly. The cost of buying a SmartPhone is no longer lucky and everyone can easily buy a shirt for themselves. Wifi, 3G are covered everywhere and when there is a need to search for something, they will use it dynamically because it is faster and more convenient.

With fashion websites, online shopping, this demand is especially high, because it is more personal search. The remaining business-oriented websites will not be as many, users often generate search needs in the process of working with computers.

If your website is ranking at the top of Google, but if your site is not mobile-friendly, then it will surely drop in mobile search as well.

Therefore, check and link to your website design, to make sure desktop or mobile users feel comfortable visiting your site.

3. Integrated social network search.

No doubt you hear a lot about the importance of search and social sharing and Google + 1’s. In fact, this is the year you’ll see more than just +1’s on Google and shares on Facebook, for Google, Bing or other search engines. Easily find shared topics from social networks this, and also from this can be find to your web page

Facebook only announced 1 Social Graph Research feature. This changes the way we search online and beyond that it will change user behavior and search as we know it today.

Guide to create the latest Seo website ideas to top today 2021
ý tưởng SEO website lên top google

I often think there will be 2 types of searches in the near future:

  • Search on documents, videos, blogs, … according to the format of Google and Bing Search
  • from friends via connection, share about a certain article.

With an in-house SEO implementation, you should closely match your website with the Facebook brand to ensure that all images, posts, etc. are correctly tagged and optimized for traffic. Search.

4. Video SEO

Video is great for helping your site rank high, as it’s part of social sharing. Many SEO companies need to take advantage of the content in the video and optimize that video and place it on the company website or Youtube.

Internal SEO will not have a scarcity of content about company videos, you can search for content from departments in the company, etc. It is important that you optimize those videos, you can too. Post on social channels like Youtube and you will reap huge SEO benefits.

5. Integrated PR, SEO & Social Media online

We have seen presentations from Google that on links attached to news items have instant ranking value. The truth is that instant news items are great not only from a linking standpoint, but also the overall searchability of your content (links to other content). The difficulty with doing in-house SEO is making sure that SEO is incorporated as part of the process before any news is released.

It’s time for you to get together with your media channels and start optimizing and operating your social media channels for press releases.

6. Focus on Google+

While the majority of the community that joins Google+ is usually a social media group, as an SEO expert, you need to make sure that many people engage with your Google+.

Since 2012, we’ve seen steady growth of Google+ and new features rolled out before that. Google + has the potential to cater to specific audiences, such as the Hangout feature being a standout feature

Your circle can allow people in that circle to share your content. So you need to include products or content to ensure attracting customers from google +

7. Think holistically

SEO is simply another advertising channel to get customers. It is essential that you not only work with other marketing teams, but also learn many new skills such as PPC, usability or social media, and then apply new tactics. with the set goals and in the future you can become a good marketer.


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