Creation guide for themes in the top 10 in WordPress, although simple, always requires a lot of time, programming knowledge and constant updating. To solve users’ difficulties, more and more WordPress theme frameworks appear on the market.

Opinions about WordPress Framework themes are still widely discussed in the developer community. True “believers” claim that they are tools that save time, shorten and facilitate the development process, make it easier to write intensive code, and help focus more on the device. next. .

However, there are also mixed opinions that the Thesis Framework still has shortcomings in research as well as certain other limitations due to predefined rules.

Its advantage is that we only need to master the working principle of the Framework once, then we can reuse that knowledge many times without having to worry about new WordPress updates. Core.

Whichever side you’re on, Theme Frameworks for WordPress have become extremely popular these days; So don’t hesitate to try it.

In the article below, we will go through the 5 best Theme Frameworks and 5 completely free Theme Frameworks so you can decide which one really suits your needs.

1. Genesis

Genesis is a highly customizable, secure and mobile-friendly WordPress Framework that offers customizable page templates, featured content widgets, and Premium Theme options with lots of features. interesting ability. taste. The Framework itself needs to be installed as a Parent Theme, then you can customize it to your needs using another Child Theme.

Top 10 Best WordPress Framework Themes.
Top 10 Best WordPress Framework Themes.

Parent Theme (which is Genesis framework) is currently the most popular WP Theme in the market. There are also many professional Genesis child themes available on the web (premium and free), but you can also create your own child themes if you want. Check out Genesis’ introduction to learn more about how designers have used it.

2. Underscores

Underscores is a popular and versatile Beginner Theme Framework created by Automattic. It is only recommended for professional programmers as it does not come with an image builder nor a Theme Options panel.

Top 10 Best WordPress Framework Themes

However, Underscores has high coding standards, well commented HTML5 templates, a helpful style.css file for beginners, scrolling menus for small screens, handy 404 templates, 2 CSS template layouts and many other developer-friendly features.

3. Thesis

Thesis is a flexible Theme Framework focused on search engine optimization and easy customizability. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop template editor that allows you to add various functions to the design, such as newsletter signup forms and social buttons.

Top 10 Best WordPress Framework Themes

It also comes with editable Skins, allowing programmers to quickly create beautiful designs. However, not only low-level programmers can use it, but also experienced programmers can take advantage of its flexibility with the help of Thesis API’s development tools.

4. Step forward

Headway is a great drag and drop interface for designers who don’t want to deal with code snippets directly. Building a website with Headway is a 2-step process:

Top 10 Best WordPress Framework Themes
  • Create layouts with the help of Visual Editor;
  • Add custom styles, such as typography, colors, and images using the Design Editor.

If you want to edit the CSS code, there is also a live editing tool for that purpose. Headway also makes it easy to export your theme to other Headway-enabled WordPress sites.

5. Storefront

Storefront is a theme developed by a team from WooCommerce. It has a minimalist design with deep integration with WooCommerce.

Top 10 Best WordPress Framework Themes

It makes Storefront a perfect base for creating a highly customizable WooCommerce theme. You can easily modify the layout, typography, and other design elements through the Customizer or Child Theme.

6. GeneratePress

GeneratePress is probably one of the few Theme Frameworks for WordPress that I think has a very good layout. Each feature is modular, allowing you to enable or disable a specific feature as needed.

Top 10 Best WordPress Framework Themes
Top 10 Best WordPress Framework Themes

It also seamlessly integrates with a new editor in Gutenberg through its sister plugin – GenerateBlocks. Theme Framework and its plugins provide a great experience for developers to build websites and create content.

7. Gantry

Gantry is a fast and smooth framework that makes creating WordPress and Joomla interfaces easy. It is developed by RocketTheme, a popular premium theme provider that provides free frameworks to a wide range of users.

Top 10 Best WordPress Framework Themes
gantry theme for wordpress top wordpress theme jqd o

Gantry has an intuitive menu editor, using Ajax that increases the performance of the backend extremely quickly, a drag and drop layout manager, a content block builder (called Particle System) and many features Other professional visual design features, such as image selector, icon selector, font selector, etc. Gantry can also please advanced programmers with its support for preprocessors. CSS (SCSS and LESS), YAML and its Twig-based prototyping.

8. Sage

Sage is an Advanced WordPress Framework for developers building custom WordPress themes from the ground up. It comes with several modern development tools like Webpack, Blade templating, Sass, Yarn and Composer pre-configured and fine-tuned for WordPress development. So you can start building the look you want without spending much time on configuration.


In addition, by combining Sage with the compona, Bedrock and Trellis tools, you can get a complete tool for both the development and implementation of the interface for your website.

9. Tonik

Tonik is a useful framework that modernizes WordPress theme development through file organization, structure, and templates in PHP, JavaScript, and CSS. This framework includes basic interfaces with centralized configurations, custom functions such as prototyping, linking, etc. to compile and decode JavaScript and CSS files.

wordpress theme boilerplate

Its unique feature is the provision of a separate “tonik” CLI as an additional tool, allowing users to create new frameworks or refactor old interfaces.

10. UnderStrap

UnderStrap extends the basic interfaces of Underscores with Bootstrap 4, allowing you to easily reuse components like Grid Layout, Button, and Form throughout the interface.

Top 10 Best WordPress Framework Themes
Top 10 Best WordPress Framework Themes

It also integrates with some Jetpack, WooCommerce functionality and offers Dashboard options to customize the look and feel from the WordPress dashboard. This is a Theme Framework full of apt tools and built-in features to create amazing WordPress themes that you shouldn’t miss.


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