If you are an SEO person, you know, the image SEO trick on the site already. Here are a few small tips to help newcomers to the site grasp the problem of image SEO. Optimizing images creates many advantages, such as a better user experience, faster page load times, and makes it easier for your website to get to the TOP.

You think, when you search for an image on the net, download it, change the information and then upload it to your web. You think that has optimized your image yourself. Image SEO optimization has many factors.

So with what factors is important to ensure that your images on your page have been optimized best.

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Tips for seo image to the top on wordpress site

Why should SEO optimize images to TOP?

For many SEOers or businesses, SEO is mainly SEO Web. But besides that, Google also has other “tabs” like SEO Image, Video.

And the current trend, the search for images is still in high demand. So have you focused on exploiting this SEO channel yet?

The benefits that SEO image optimization gives you:

Optimize images! Increase the reader experience.

When users read your content on the site. With many attractive images will help readers reduce boredom when reading too many words. This is to increase the reader experience, helping to increase the time users stay on the page more.

Help increase traffic (Traffic) for the website

Certainly, when your image is on the TOP, the chances of customers entering the website with images are natural. And this is one of the factors that help your website to top quickly.

Attract potential customers

A beautiful image will increase attention and attract potential customers to visit the website. Especially, image SEO is very suitable for Restaurant Websites, Tourism Websites, Product Promotion Websites…

Building backlinks

When your photo is beautiful, on the TOP, many people will take it back to use, and in the image you have information about the business. Then this is one of the extremely quality backlinks.

Increase brand awareness: Customers will be impressed and sympathetic with photos that help satisfy search needs and have watermark attached (website or brand).

Prepare and optimize images

Find & select photos
Images, you need to find a source of quality images and suitable for the content. Preferably copyrighted. This is a picture you took yourself, designed by yourself.

In case you have to use photos from other sources, you must find a place that ensures quality and reputation.

During the image preparation process, you need to do the following:

+ Fix poor images: If your photos are not sharp, it is usually because the photo is at a low resolution. Photos are underexposed, or flared, these things make the image not beautiful and you need to fix and edit the photo before posting it on your website.

Tips for seo image to the top on wordpress site
Fix poor image

+ Replace images unrelated to the content: If you have a beautiful image that is not related to the content, it is not so good. So you need to find and select relevant images that explain your content.

Choose the Correct Picture Format
Currently there are many image formats for you to choose from such as PNG, JPEG, GIV, SVG, WebP… and PNG and JPEG are the most popular formats for the web.

PNG: Produces a better quality image but has a larger file size.

JPEG: You can reduce the image quality, but you can adjust the quality level to find a good balance.

GIV: optimized animation

WebP: high compression ratio, but still preserve image quality. However, this format is only supported on some web browsers.

Today, all photo editing software can let you save photos in a variety of formats. Or else, you can use online tools to convert hidden images to different formats.

Introducing some free website format conversion websites such as:

Create unique images
Everyone wants the images on their website to be attractive and unique, but not everyone can. And most websites copy each other’s images.

So you need to create a unique image by adding other images or adding text to add animation. Take for example the thumbnail image of this article.

Another thing is that you are the creator of that picture, if you are not good, you can hire media units, they specialize in taking pictures, designing images according to your requirements.

Name the image file
You should name images that are good for SEO. And the image name should follow the phrase that describes the content of the image. Vietnamese should remove accents and separate them with a sign (-), not put a sign (_) or write them together.

For example, as in this paragraph.

Do: you should name the image: dat-ten-cho-hinh-anh.jpg

Don’t: image-12.jpg or name it image.jpg

Also you can put by the main keyword of the article. In this article, the main keyword that I mention is: Image SEO optimization, you can download image files with the name: toi-uu-seo-hinh-anh.jpg

In short: Depending on the context of the article, you can name the image according to the content you intend to insert. Or you can name the image after the main keyword, or the title of the article.

With this naming of images, Google and other crawlers understand the subject and content of the image.

Determine the image size
Usually when you download images, the large size might be 1024 × 1024. Although the right size for your website is 600 × 400, you should also resize it accordingly. If you upload with a large image size, increase the file size, reducing the page load speed.

So before uploading images to the website, you should determine the appropriate size.

Another thing is that when you post many photos in an article, you should keep the same size for balance, should not let small images, large images look unprofessional.

The problem of resizing images, you can refer to the tools available right on your windows or mac computer. Those are Paint and Mac Preview. In addition, you can refer to the online tool pixlr.com, which supports free image size customization.

On Windows select Image -> click Edit -> Paint-> Resize and choose the size as shown

Tips for seo image to the top on wordpress site
Choose image size

Optimize images on the page

Optimize image ALT attribute
Alt tags are an alt text for images when the browser cannot represent them correctly. Similar to the title, the alt attribute is used to describe the contents of the image file.

Alt text is the text that summarizes the content of the image, placed within the <img> tag with the syntax alt=”Image description”. Alt text (alt text) means alt text, which will be displayed on the web page in the event that the browser fails to load the image for some reason. You can see the example below, if the image in this article fails to display, it will display the text as alt.

Tips for seo image to the top on wordpress site
seo image optimization

So you need to optimize this tag in image SEO. Besides describing him when the image is not displayed, it is also the content that helps Google read and understand what the image is and what content it contains. And will help that image rank high on the rankings.

Create Titles, Title tags for images
The title=”” attribute acts as a tooltip that appears when the user hovers the mouse over the image. See illustration below.

You try to point your mouse over the image above, you will see the title

This attribute does not affect SEO, but if you use it, it still helps improve users better, so it also indirectly benefits your web SEO.

Add captions for photos (caption)
This is a caption usually located at the bottom of a photo, to briefly explain what the image is about. You will see your uploaded images have a caption right below the image.

Why is this important for image optimization? In fact, in an article, the title almost clearly states what the content of the article is. And for users, they often read the caption when surfing the content.

Statistically, captions are read on average 300% of the content. So if you forget to use it properly, you are missing out on user interaction.

In the past, I myself often did not pay attention to this, but with the following articles, I myself have made notes for the image more fully.

Responsive image
You’ve heard a lot about responsive, mobile-friendly, including SEO and web design. The same goes for images.

You can use the srcset=” ” attribute in the <img> tag so that the browser correctly selects the smallest sized image that fits the mobile screen size. Small image size means reduced page load time, which means Google optimization.

Reduce image file size or Compress images
But as mentioned above, reducing the image size will make your website load faster. And what if a customer visits your website but the loading time is slow, they will be frustrated leading to a decrease in purchase behavior.

So you need to compress your images before uploading. You can use photo editing software like Photoshop, Cesium.

Or you can use plugins like TingPNG, WP Smush. These are plugins that automatically compress images without losing image quality. You can refer to other image compression plugins, I only recommend 2 plugins that I often use.

If your website is a new website, you should compress images before uploading, if your website is old, before you have not compressed images, use a plugin to compress all images. And after using the plugin, your website will improve the page loading speed.

You can refer to Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights tool.

Tips for seo image to the top on wordpress site
Tips for seo image to the top on wordpress site

Advanced techniques for image SEO

Apply Schema Markup to include images in Rich Snippets
This is well-a technique for using structured data for optimization, or Schema, that aims to position images on a web page into Google’s “featured snippets,” along with other information. such as rating score, rating number of people, posting date, author…

You can refer to the example excerpt below. You will be seeing the image doing out of the attractive to users, besides there are additional numbers such as 5-star rating, quantity rating… The purpose is to increase CTR to the website, which is very beneficial for SEO.

However, to include images in Rich Snippets, you need to know how to do it so that your website has featured snippets.

Using Open Graph and Twitter Card
First of all, we understand Open Graph Tag is a type of tag that provides information about the website (meta tag), placed in the section of the page. The purpose of the OG tag is to help social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Zalo… identify key information about your website, and display that information when someone shares your website on social networks. festival.

In fact, this can be seen as a way to optimize images on the website to become friendly with social networking platforms.

Facebook uses Open Graph to integrate snippets of websites onto this social network. Specifically, when you share to Facebook a website url, you will see a preview of your profile picture, title and summary description, as shown below:

Tips for seo image to the top on wordpress site
seo image facebook

You can do the same with the Twitter network.

Usually for those of you who make websites with themes, you can have this code available in the theme. If you code by hand, you can ask the code to be inserted in your <head> tag.

EXIF data
Exif stands for “Exchangeable Image File Format“. Exif data is information data about an image such as: date and time taken, shooting location, image size, type of camera used… This information is automatically saved when shooting with digital cameras, and now Smartphones also have this function.

In this case, for copyrighted images, you want to keep the information on the image to tell Google that this is my photo, it’s mine.

However, when optimizing the file size, some tools will remove this part. So you need to pay attention.

Local information (GEO location)
In this case, if you want SEO in local keywords, add that local information to the image.

For example, if JiDODigital has an SEO service in Da Nang, I usually assign the location of Da Nang in the image before uploading it to the website.

Usually there are 2 ways:

+ You can describe the place in the ALT tag as mentioned above

+ You use some other free Tool Geotag Online tools such as: https://tool.geoimgr.com/


Attaching Geotags and images is not only optimized for SEO, but when you post images on Google Map, it is also very effective. In the article: Effective SEO Map Tutorial, I have instructions on how to geotag on images

Create an image sitemap

You can use the plugin to generate sitemaps for your entire site and include sitemaps for images.

2 Plugins that many people still use are Yoast SEO and Rank Math SEO. And this is what to do in the issue of seo images to the top.


Image optimization, or image SEO is one of the techniques that is not difficult. Do you need to note some points that you can optimize and get to the TOP. And when it comes to the top, it brings a lot of value, especially in the overall SEO process of the website.

Hope the article helps you in the technique of optimizing images in SEO to help you easily get to the TOP.


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