Very simple 12 step guide to Ranking Math SEO . To maintain the continued growth of your website, it is very important to regularly evaluate and ensure it is always optimized.

SEO Seo Rank Math can take days to weeks and can cost hundreds of dollars for tools or experts to handle. However, with the right tools and instructions from this article, it only takes you a few hours to do SEO Rank Math without requiring any advanced technical knowledge, plus it’s completely free.

What is SEO Rank Math ?

SEO Rank Math is the process of checking the optimization status of your website, which includes demonstrating that your website, content, and technology are used and supporting compliance with technical tools. . accounting firm. their erratic requests and searches. You can do everything right, but one small mistake can ruin everything.

SEO Rank Math is a process where you have to rigorously examine certain factors that affect a website’s ability to generate traffic and then make adjustments. By performing regular SEO Audits, you will be able to ensure that all aspects of your website that affect your SEO are working the way you want and your website can continue to drive traffic. access. traffic. traffic. access from your site search

Why do you need SEO Rank Math?

One of the most important rules for every analyst: “You won’t make progress if you don’t measure the results first.”

This philosophy is similar to SEO. If you don’t have a method to track your SEO efforts, you won’t be able to tell if what you’re doing is working.

To start evaluating your efforts, you have to start with the very basics, which in this case would be the current state of the site based on the work you’ve done so far. . Conducting SEO Rank Math will give you the information you need to build and establish your website at the top based on your existing efforts.

In general, you should aim to complete SEO Rank Math quarterly, or when you see positive and negative changes in traffic, so you can track and find the cause of those changes. . . . . this. and why is that?

How to do SEO Rank Math

As mentioned earlier, SEO is a complex process with so many ever-changing parts, otherwise the industry wouldn’t be able to reach $80,000 in revenue. So while some of the tests in SEO Rank Math can be done manually, having a tool will give you an edge and save you a lot of time. To show you how you can do SEO on your own, we will be using Rank Math for WordPress as Rank Math allows you to automate a large number of time-consuming tasks and conduct a comprehensive SEO Ranking for WordPress. WordPress. WordPress. your website. your website. yours in just one click. However, if you are not using the Rank Math WordPress plugin, we will cover other solutions as well.

To run an SEO Audit on your website using the Rank Math plugin, go to Rank Math => SEO Analysis as shown below:

Seo Rank Math

What are you waiting for without shaking hands with Rank Math

1. Check if your site is using a URL

Depending on how you configure your site, both the www version and the non-www version will be accessible. This means that your site will be accessible from both of the following URLs:

2 .

It’s best to only access it from one of the two URLs above, which means that if someone tries to access it from the www version, it will automatically redirect them to the same page on the non-www version. www (or vice versa).

This is important because if your site is accessible on both versions, Google (and other search engines) can index both versions of your site, which can leads to duplicate content problems.

Rating Math allows you to check if your site has problems and report the status in the SEO Audit report.

If you want to check the problem manually, try accessing your site with both www and non-www versions and see if both take you to either version, in the field In that case the redirect has been configured correctly.

How to fix normalization? (Fix problem with www and without www)

If your site is accessible on both www and non-www versions then the most common way is to check if you have specified the correct URL inside WordPress.

Go to WordPress Settings => General.

In some cases, the option to edit the URL may not be available (when greyed out). That means the setting is already hard-coded in the wp-config.php file. The settings inside the wp-config.php file that override the settings in the WordPress admin area settings are not available.

If your settings are greyed out, you will have to edit the wp-config.php file directly to make the changes to the URL. Use an FTP client to access the server, then edit it. document.

Once you find them, make sure to change the values ​​to your desired URL and save the file.

After you change the URL, you must also redirect all your old URLs to the new URLs. To do that, go to the .htaccess file and add the following code to the file.

In most cases, if you’re not sure you can handle it yourself, contact your hosting provider for assistance.
Make sure to replace ‘’ with your actual domain name. Also, in the example above, the non-www version is being redirected to the www version. If you are trying to do the opposite and prefer the non-www version, use the following code:

Again, if you are not confident in modifying it yourself, contact your hosting provider.

2. Verify if your website is using an SSL certificate

When an SSL certificate is installed, it ensures that all communication between the user and your website is encrypted and thus secures all transmitted information, making the website less vulnerable to hackers. more attack. than. attack more. than. attack more. than. It has become the standard for websites that collect any kind of personal information (especially payment sites) because it is important that the data is kept safe.

In addition to the security advantages, search engines like Google now also appreciate a properly configured SSL certificate and have therefore started using it as a ranking factor.

SEO Math Ranking WordPress Ranking also checks if your site is using an SSL certificate and reports the status in the SEO Maths Ranking Test report

The manual way to check if your site is correctly configured with an SSL certificate is to simply look at the URL. If your website URL starts with https then you are using SSL. If the URL starts with http, you are not using SSL. Here’s how it looks in the Google Chrome browser:

Creation guide Seo Rank Math with 12 simple steps

What if your website doesn’t use an SSL certificate?

Hint: If you haven’t installed an SSL certificate yet, we strongly recommend that you install it now as it both keeps your visitors’ data safe, builds trust, and ensures that Google do not penalize your site. you in the search results.

The good news is that getting an SSL certificate is easy and completely free. Here are detailed instructions on how to install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for websites that support cPanel. This guide takes the example of a site hosted on SiteGround, but it can also apply to other web hosting services.

Make sure that you have an SSL certificate installed on your website and that the insecure version (HTTP version) of the website will be redirected to the secure version (https).

3. Check WordPress Visibility

While your site is still under development, you won’t want any search engines to crawl and index your site because of incomplete content and poor page design. WordPress understands this and has a built-in option to discourage search engines from indexing your site. You will find the option in WordPress Settings > Reading. Sometimes you may forget to disable this feature when your site is ready to go.

When you perform a content audit with Rank Math SEO for WordPress, it automatically detects if this setting was unintentionally enabled. You will see it in the Basic SEO section

If you forget to disable this feature when your site is ready to be indexed and available to viewers, do so immediately to notify search engines that they can begin indexing. item your site as soon as possible!

4. Check Permalink Structure in WordPress

The Permalink structure is what determines how WordPress will generate the URLs for the posts you create. There are two things to consider when choosing a permalink structure for your site:

1. Structure of URL
2. Main URL

Although there are different ways to structure URLs, the simplest and most effective URL structure is

During the SEO Analysis, the MA Ranking in WordPress will check to make sure that your URL structure is ideal.

You can also check your URL structure manually by opening any of your posts and checking the format of the URL.

Then there will be an actual permalink. When you create a new post or page, WordPress will automatically title it, but this seems to take quite a while and isn’t ideal from an SEO perspective.

Google and other search engines prefer shorter titles because they won’t be cut off and concisely convey the content of the post. Shorter URLs are also preferred by users and have been shown to help achieve higher click-through rates.

To ensure that your posts (and pages) have short and concise URLs, click the edit button next to the suggested URL and enter the permalink of your choice.

How to solve this problem?

If your URL is not set to /blog/%postname/ then you will see a Rank Math warning in your WordPress SEO analytics report. To fix the problem, go to your WordPress Menu and navigate to Settings => Permalinks. There you will see all the templates that WordPress supports by default and you can also create a custom template. Select the Post Name option, which will set your Permalinks to your Don’t forget to save your settings.

Warning: Changing your permalink will change the URLs of all existing posts, which will cause a lot of 404 errors. We strongly recommend doing this step on a single page. new site or create a redirect from the old URL to the new URL to avoid problems.

5. Check if you have the caching plugin set up
Every time a customer visits your website, the access engine pings the server hosting your website to fetch content like database, images, CSS, fonts, etc. It all takes time.

To save time, the server uses caching, which is a method of completing all tasks before the user arrives. That way, when a user lands on a page on your site, all the hard work is done and page load times are drastically reduced. This is reported in the performance section of Ranking Math during WordPress SEO analysis.

If your site doesn’t currently use a caching plugin (or some kind of server-level caching), your bounce rate will be extremely high because customers always prefer a faster loading site. Due to user behavior, page load speed is now an algorithm for ranking.

Server response time

There are two things to consider when evaluating your website’s performance: performance and responsiveness. Responsiveness determines how quickly your server responds to requests. The metric used to evaluate this is Time to First Byte (TTFB). For the best possible performance, your site’s TTFB should be as low as possible and you can guess SEO First Rank for WordPress will check this in the SEO Analysis. If the server response time is slow then the only thing you have to do is change the hosting provider.

6. Check if you have identified your site using Google Search Console

Google provides a tool for website owners to understand and resolve issues Google has when setting up websites. This tool is called Google Search Console

It will take time to log into Google Search Console and check the metrics. However, with Rank Math SEO for WordPress, you can see all your unique numbers right inside WordPress. It will automatically check if your site is already linked to Google Search Console.

How to solve this problem?

If your site isn’t already connected to Google Search Console, you’re missing out on valuable data that can help you improve your site and recover from development issues. We therefore strongly recommend that you do so.

If you are using Rank Math SEO for WordPress, verifying your site using Google Search Console is extremely easy and fast.

If you are not using SEO Rank Math for WordPress, the process is a bit more complicated. Sign in to Google Search Console and find the More Options product. Preferences will be in a different location based on work you already have some other property inside Search Console or it’s your first one.

Enter your site into the Domain, then go to “Continue”.

Google Search Console will then suggest several ways to identify featured sites, and you’ll get the advanced analytics that Google Search Console provides.

Check if your site follows the sitemap

A sitemap is simply an entry detailing the URLs of the posts, pages, and content that you want search engines to crawl. There are three main types: sitemaps used by designers during site planning, lists visible to users, and partially structured lists for crawling by the web as tools search.

Having a sitemap is a no-brainer and often you have to use a third-party plugin to create it. But if you have SEO Rank Math for WordPress installed, it will automatically generate a Google-friendly sitemap for you. During the SEO check, it will also perform a check if the sitemap has been created and is accessible.

During the analytical SEO process, Rank Math SEO for WordPress also performs a check to see if a sitemap has been generated and is accessible.

How to solve this problem

Having a sitemap is important because it helps search engines like Google understand and index your website content more efficiently.

If you are using Rank Math SEO for WordPress, make sure that the sitemap module is properly enabled and configured. The listings module can be found in Ranking Math => Dashboard and sitemap settings are available under Ranking Math => Sitemap Settings.

This is the Complete Guide on How to Set Up a Configured Sitemap with SEO Ranking Math

If you are not using Rank Math SEO for WordPress, there are other plugins that will do the job for you. A popular choice is Google’s XML sitemap

8. Find and Fix Broken Links

On a growing website, you have to add, remove and update content constantly, which leads to broken links. When a user tries to access an error URL, they get a 404 error.

Although Google has said that they don’t consider 404 errors as a ranking signal, it still affects user experience. Therefore, you should proactively look for broken links and fix them as soon as possible.

Chances are, Rank Math SEO for WordPress corrects the timing error. Using Rank Math SEO for WordPress 404 Monitor, you can automate the process of finding all broken links on your website.

You can access the 404 Screen by navigating to Math Ratings => 404 Screen.


Here you will see all the broken links causing 404 errors on your site. You can sort, search, and even fix them by redirecting any URL that causes the error to a new post or page. The redirect module needs to be enabled for that to happen.

How to fix broken links without SEO Rank Math:

If you are not using SEO Rank Math for WordPress and are still curious about broken links on your site, there are several solutions that you can use.

First, you can check all the broken links on your site in Google Search Console. Select the appropriate property, then check the scope report. The report will show you all the errors Google finds on your site, including 404 errors.

SEO Analysis.

alternatively, you can use a plugin to do the job yourself. The Link Checker plugin can help you find potentially broken links on your site.

9. Content Optimizatio

As you know, content is the most important thing for SEO ranking. To maximize search engine traffic, your content should also be optimized.

Optimizing content is often a long and complicated process, but the SEO Math Ranking for WordPress makes it easy to find all the areas where you can improve.

In SEO analysis, look for the following to optimize your content.

9.A1 focus keyword

The Focus Keywords report tells you about all posts, products (if you use WooCommerce), pages, and other types of content that don’t have a focus keyword set. You’ll find this report in the SEO basics section of Rank Math’s SEO analysis.

9.A2 Fix Content Optimization

We recommend going through each page, post, and product with the missing focus keyword and looking your way through the list. This process is relatively straightforward. Open the post in your favorite editor ( Gutenberg or Classic) and scroll to SEO Ranking for WordPress Meta Box, then add one or up to 5 focus keywords to the post.

It will take a few seconds for Rank Math SEO to process the keyword, then Rank Math SEO will tell you the different ways you can optimize your content for your keywords. Use the advanced content insights you’ll find in the Meta Box Rank Math SEO for WordPress to improve your posts. Go through the list of suggestions Rank Math makes and also make sure that your content reflects the search intent of the keywords you are targeting.

9.A3 Title Optimization

Using the desired focus keywords in your post title is a surefire way to ensure that your title shows up on the right topic and will help you create more traffic from search. . During the SEO analysis, Rank Math SEO for WordPress also flags all posts where the focus keyword had not been used in the title.

10.How to fix this error

The focus keyword in the title is important for two reasons. Not only is it important for SEO, but it also helps users understand what your content is about, which in turn makes them click on your results in the SERPs. Go through all the posts, pages, and products that the SEO Math Ranking for WordPress recommends.

Tip: The SEO Math Ranking for WordPress can only tell you when the article has no focus keyword in the title when you have set the focus keyword. After you’ve set focus keywords for all the posts that don’t have them, you should run the test again to find more posts that may not have relevant titles.

Schemas (also known as Rich Snippets)
Schema, or Rich Snippets, refers to the code that you add to your website or post that provides search engines with additional information about your post. The search engines then use this to show more information about your post in the search results.

All of the details highlighted in the photo above are taken from the site’s transgender markup itself.

To add markup data to your posts, open Rank Math in the Gutenberg sidebar, navigate to the Schema tab, and then add and then choose from the available Schema Markup types that you want to add.

Open Rank Math’s Schema Generator, then choose from one of the available schema types that you want to add to a particular post or page.

When you perform an SEO Audit with SEO Rank Math, it checks for the presence of schema metadata on your site and notifies you of the status in the Advanced SEO section of SEO Analysis.

How to add schema without SEO Rank Math

There are many plugins and themes that allow you to add Schema markup to your website, and Schema is one of the effective and free plugins. If you are looking for a paid solution then the Schema theme is also a great option to consider.

After you’ve added the plugin of your choice and added schema data to your post, you can check if it’s been added properly using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

11. Optimize images

Optimized images will help you reach your search traffic goals. Therefore, it is important that you optimize the images on your website in the best possible way. For best results, you should optimize the following.

1. Image name
2. Image Size
3 .Alt-text

Always name your photos descriptively including the appropriate target keywords. Here are a few examples how to do this:

Photo 1: Not an ideal name
Photo 2: Better, but could be improved
Photo 3: Good
Photo 4: The most perfect
Photo 5: Another variation

Note: Do not use spaces in image names. It’s best to use dashes or underscores in your photo names.

Next is the image size. This is an often overlooked part of the image optimization process and has a huge impact on SEO.

Ideally, images should be small in size but still high quality.

To achieve that, you can compress your images before uploading or use one of the many image optimization plugins that WordPress has to choose from. Don’t forget to resize your image to the right resolution.

A 4000×2000 pixel image makes no sense if the maximum width of the web page is only 1500 pixels. Not only do you store images with larger file sizes, but you also use more bandwidth and consume server resources. To avoid this problem, always resize your images before uploading.

You can check the size of each image in the WordPress media library. Just open the image and you will be able to see the size of the image along with the image and some other information.

One final way to optimize images is to experiment with alt text. Alt-text is an optional piece of text that helps search engines understand the content of the image.

In addition, it is also very useful for people who have disabilities and use some kind of screen reader to read the content.

The SEO Math Ranking for WordPress checks all the images on your site to see if they have associated alt text. This helps you filter out images with missing alt tags so you can quickly add alt tags and optimize them.

How to fix image related problems

If you are not using Rank Math SEO for WordPress, then you will need to use a combination of some third-party plugins, such as:

As for image filenames: Renaming and reloading images would be a nightmare. You can use a plugin like Phoenix Media Rename to start renaming your images right in WordPress.
To add alt text: There are many plugins that can add alt text to images and SEO Optimized Images is the best one.

As for Image Compression: There are many plugins that work well and Smush Image Compression is a representative.

12. Mobile optimization testing

More than half of the world’s web traffic is via mobile devices. The SEO Math Ranking for WordPress allows you to check the mobile optimization of your website and also preview how your site will look in mobile search results.

How to fix mobile optimization issues

The easiest and best way is to switch to Responsive Themes (theme automatically customizes on many devices). Responsive themes are built to automatically adjust content based on the device viewing them.

Conclusion :

Conducting SEO Ranking Math is certainly an essential part of optimizing your website to maximize the amount of traffic it generates from search. Traditional site checks can be effective, but they are not easy to implement and in some cases even impossible. With Rank Math SEO for WordPress, you can conduct a professional SEO assessment of your site and fix all identified issues in hours instead of weeks.


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