To seo webiste to the top has 8 steps, research competitors to deploy content and analyze results, Creationguide will reveal to you how SEO to the top of Google successfully from actual implementation of hundreds of projects. our opinion.

1. Understand the true nature of seo website to the top of Google

To get to the top of Google sustainably and optimize the most costs, you need to do SEO. And first, you need to understand how Google Search works and the fundamentals of getting to the front page of Google.

Remember, “play on Google’s turf” means “understand Google’s rules”!

1.A1. How Google Search Works

First, we’ll talk about how Google Search works. You understand simply how out of thousands of content on the internet, Google can find the right content to put at the top of its search!

The way for Google Search to find that content involves 3 steps:

  • Crawling: The process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages to add to Google’s index (Google’s index is a huge database stored in many computers that Google crawls).
  • Indexing: After finding a page, Google tries to find out what the page is about – this is the indexing process. Once it understands information about the page, Google will save it in its index.
  • Ranking: Google will rank websites based on many factors to bring the web pages that are most relevant to the user’s search terms when they search.

You can read the article from Google which has a very detailed article on how Google Search works, you can read the main article at :

Understanding how Google Search works helps you understand how to partner with Google to bring the information you need to your users. That is the fastest and most sustainable way to put keywords on the first page of google.

Creation guide ideas 8 steps to seo website google

2.A2. Rules to get to the top of Google

Google is a search engine, based on serving user searches. This is Google’s biggest priority, as well as the fundamental, core thing that Google is aiming for.

To make seo to the top of Google, your website must satisfy both users – Google’s priority object – and also Google, often called SEO Standard website.

SEO standards are actually very simple, including “standards” and “SEOs”:

  • Standardization: Standardize user search needs by creating user-friendly websites.
  • SEO Website top : Search Engine Optimization – through optimization techniques that help Google understand your website, crawl it and index it faster.

CreationGuide understands the essence of being at the top of Google is “cooperating” with Google to bring useful information to users. This is the win-win – 3 win relationship that we always keep in mind: Google provides useful information, users get the information they need, businesses reach the customers they want.

Creation guide ideas 8 steps to seo website google
The 3-win relationship between users, Google and businesses helps SEO to Top Google

2. Ideas from Google to have a good SEO website

In order to “cooperate” with “websites” to bring useful information to users as quickly as possible, Google is also very good at having articles instructing website owners to do this.

How to SEO to the top of Google by the topic itself:

  • Help Google find your content.
  • Instruct Google not to crawl which pages on the site.

Help Google and users understand the content of the website.

  • Site hierarchical organization.
  • Content optimization.
  • Optimize images.
  • Make the website mobile-friendly.
  • Advertise your website.
  • Analyze search performance and user behavior.
  • Manage your website’s presence in search results.

The detailed content of each of the above items has been specifically stated by Google in the article How to do SEO for beginners. You should not ignore this article if you want to find a way to seo to the top 10 google.

Creation guide ideas 8 steps to seo website google

Although detailed, the article from Google is quite confusing for those who are just starting to get acquainted with SEO. Read on to learn how CreationGuide’s SEO to the top of Google is based on “Google’s laws” in an easier to understand way!

3. To implement the idea of ​​SEO website to the top of Google sustainably with 8 steps

CreationGuide does SEO based on Google’s principles, working with Google and businesses to build useful websites, according to the principle of 3 parties for mutual benefit.

How to SEO website to the top of Google from CreationGuide includes the following 8 basic steps:

Step 1: Industry and competitor analysis

As the first step in this process, you need to understand your industry and competitors well. There is a saying “know you know people, a hundred battles a hundred wins”!

Simply put, when you analyze your industry, you will find the “touch points” of your target customers and your website. What interests do your target customers have? what to search on google? Once you identify these “touch points,” you can come up with the best “converting” keyword topics.

Usually CreationGuide will divide into 2 big topics:

Vertical Topics: These are “keyword topics” that are directly related to the customer’s needs.

Horizontal topic: Is the “keyword topic” of the target customer’s interest.
Example: For a company dealing in mosaic tiles, the vertical theme is “mosaic swimming pool”; “Mosaic”…. and the horizontal theme will be “swimming pool design”, “villa design” etc.

With competitor analysis, you should analyze your direct competitors on Google Search, specifically the top 10 Google. Let’s analyze the strongest websites in your industry that are most searched with several criteria like web status, content, images, backlinks, social networks…

You can refer to the article How to identify and research SEO competitors that CreationGuide has shared in great detail to apply!

From the analysis of the industry and competitors, plus what’s internal of your business on the website and can be put on the website, analyze to give the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of the website to to the top of Google.


Analyze the industry to find the “touch point” between the customer and the website => Research the most optimal “keyword topic”.
Competitor analysis (competitors top 10 on google) to know what competitors have implemented on google. From there, evaluate and draw out which “keyword topics” should be done first, the easiest to do.

Creation guide ideas 8 steps to seo website google
Competitor analysis to “know you know people”

Step 2: Set up industry keywords

Users – your customers – come to Google through search terms, also known as queries, keywords to serve a certain search intent.

To reach users, your website must appear in all the places they can touch – touch points. Touchpoints on Google Search are all the keywords that target customers can type on Google to search for your products and services.

Therefore, it is necessary to research to develop a full set of industry keywords, to capture the search needs of users about the industry so as not to miss any niche.

At CreationGuide, we apply the 5 * 3 research method to scrape the full set of industry keywords. This 5*3 method consists of 3 iterations of 5 steps to find all keywords:

  • 1st time: (5×1):
  • Step 1: Identify the topic
  • Step 2: Use the Keyword Planner tool to find out keywords related to the topic keyword
  • Step 3: Use to find a more detailed list of keywords
  • Step 4: Create a keyword list
  • Step 5: Group keywords with the same insight to form a large category keyword
  • Second time: (5×2): For each large-category keyword, continue to be included in the tools to find keyword lists. From there continue to define subcategory keywords.
    Third time: (5×3): For each sub-category keyword, repeat the above step to find keywords about products/services.

You can refer to our 5*3 keyword research method article with more detailed instructions with illustrative examples.

Creation guide ideas 8 steps to seo website google

From the total set of keywords, group keywords with the same insight into groups. The divided set of keywords is the basis for the website structure and content later.

Step 3: Site Structure

Good website structure is one of the ways to SEO keywords to the top of Google quickly. Because, the standard website structure is both convenient for users and Google to learn the content on the page, and helps you manage the content on the website more easily.

Website structure is the division of keyword groups into suitable landing pages.

Creation guide ideas 8 steps to seo website google
Website structure to group keywords into appropriate landing pages

From the set of industry keywords + industry knowledge + target customer research, sketch out the image of the target customers on the internet that SEO is aiming for (who, what needs, search keywords, search engines) to structure. Website structure, determine which SEO keywords to which page are most appropriate.

Let’s determine which SEO keyword groups into homepage, major categories, subcategories, products, articles, tag pages, landing pages that best serve the needs of the user.

Step 4: Come up with an idea to implement a Website SEO plan

The SEO implementation plan includes the work groups, the estimated time for each job, and the person in charge of the implementation.

In general, an SEO implementation plan will include 4 groups of work: website construction, content development, content promotion and project analysis to make appropriate adjustments.

  • Building a website: It is necessary to build a website that is both user-friendly and Google-friendly. At this stage, you can choose to build a new website or fix an existing website, how to best serve users, Google, and also show the strengths of your business.
  • Building content: From the grouped set of keywords, it is necessary to determine the amount of content required for each topic group; which topic to do first, which topic to do later; How is the internal linking system…
    Content promotion: Good content built on the website needs to go through many ways to “touch” to target customers such as sharing on Groups, social networks, from the press…

Project analysis and audit: It is necessary to continuously monitor and analyze project data (ranks, clicks, traffic …) to have appropriate plans to adjust plans.

Depending on each specific project, specific industry as well as the competitive situation on Google, an SEO implementation plan for each project will have additional jobs in the 4 groups above.

The next steps in CreationGuide’s secret on how to get to the top of Google will help you better understand the four categories of work above.

Step 5: Onpage SEO website

Onpage website is the construction of a user-friendly website and Google. The onpage website needs coordination between the SEO leader and the Coder to build a standard website.

Leader SEO will conduct an inspection of the Onpage website elements, making requirements for the Coder to implement. There are many tools to support SEO leader in checking Onpage website like CreationGuide. , Website Developer, Website Auditor, Screaming Frog…

Factors to check can be mentioned as web URL, heading, page load speed, mobile friendliness, etc. Because the detailed content of this section is quite long and we have shared extremely detailed information. Details are in another article, so please bookmark the article 30 important Onpage SEO checklists – A guide to checking from A to Z for further study.


Step 6: The idea of ​​​​Building a social SEO network for businesses

The enterprise’s Social Network system is built to increase the business’s presence on the internet. At the same time, these social networks are also a source of sharing / promoting the website’s content in a natural and safe way.

To build a Social Network system for a project, first you need to make a list of social networks to create an account. You should prioritize social networks that have the same user community or include the target customer file. This ensures sharing the right content to the right people.

Plan the sharing of content on social networks (when, what content) in detail for easy control. There are a number of tools that can assist you in installing and sharing content automatically on social networks such as Only While, IFTTT, etc.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when setting up a Social Networking system is the identification of business information. You should list out the basic information of the business such as name, date of establishment, phone number, email, etc. to share with networks. This makes it easy for Google and users to recognize you.

Step 7: Deploy Content Ideas

The content implementation part needs to follow the previous SEO implementation plan. Should identify the topic groups that the business has strengths, less competition and is more likely to get to the top to deploy first.

You should develop Content for the same group of topics to get an overview of that topic and distribute content accordingly, avoid duplication of content provided and also convenient for internal linking between related articles.

The process of building a standard SEO article and serving users at SEONGON includes 5 small steps:

  • Step 1: Identify primary keywords, secondary keywords, search intent, and searcher insights
  • Step 2: Choose an article concept that serves insight, an advantage over competitors, and is suitable for deployment
  • Step 3: Outline the article
  • Step 4: Write the article
  • Step 5: Post, optimize photos, optimize SEO articles

Refer to our article 35 standard SEO article writing checklist to get the best “standard” and “SEO” articles.

After building standard SEO content, proceed to introduce and promote that content to the target group of customers in need so that they can quickly find information. This both helps the website content to be known more, and is a way to increase backlinks for the website.

Do not ignore 8 ways to make whitehat backlinks to ensure the power of your website safely.

Step 8: Is to analyze website data in the process of writing articles from the following tools and the situation to the top

The implementation of SEO cannot be without the step of analyzing and evaluating the results and the status of the project implementation. Some metrics need to be monitored regularly and periodically to be able to make the right and timely decisions.

There are 2 very powerful tools from Google owners to provide you with the most authentic data from your website: Google Search Console and Google Analytics:

Google Search Console: Helps to see the amount of clicks on the web, the keywords users visit the web, the percentage of users clicking, internal links, backlinks, external links of the web, website errors recorded from Google …
Google Analytics: Helps to see traffic, time on page, demographic information of users to the web…

In addition, there is an extremely important metric when doing SEO, which is the top Google of the website. You can check your hand or use some tools like Serprobot, Spineditor, Ahrefs … to monitor the keyword ranking situation.

Some criteria need to be monitored and evaluated for checking the top keywords such as the rate to the top of the keyword group, the expected time to the top, the expected landing page rate…

From the analysis data, you can give the next implementation direction for the project such as audit content, expand the keyword set, build a backlink system …


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