As you all know, in 2021 there are a lot of people who use websites simply using wordPess, because there are many free Plugins for you to choose from, but there are 10 Plugins that I often use and find effective. today is the best

Although each website has different needs, there will be different options. But I tried to combine plugins, which every website needs.

Let’s take a look at the most useful plugins on WordPress. In these lists, I also talk about some services that should be used for websites.

Top 20 must-have WordPress plugins

Here are 4 elements that every website must have:

1.Security plugin – will be like a shield, helping you prevent the risk of being attacked by hackers.

2. Acceleration – mainly cache plugins, or compress images to make the website run smoother.

3.Backup – like the “reset” button back to the last memory point, restore the website quickly.

4.SEO – make your website more search engine friendly.

1. iThemes Security

Creation guide 20 Best Rated Plugins for WordPress Websites 2021

Security is the most often forgotten and overlooked factor.

One of the basic steps is to change the login path or set a strong password. But usually not done by users (especially newbies).

Hackers can create attacks using default passwords and sniffing (a very common type of attack).

So ithemes security will help you with these basic security steps. This is one of the best security plugins available today. With version ithemes security pro also provides many other features (block ip, scan malware ..)

2. Yoast SEO – Best SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO has always been one of the best SEO plugins ever. Although now with the appearance of Rank Math with a lot of good features.

But Yoast SEO is still very useful for those who prefer simplicity and focus on basic features. It will make SEO optimization simpler, from which you can achieve higher rankings.

Yoast SEO – Best SEO Plugin
Yoast SEO – Best SEO Plugin

You can easily optimize your posts, pages, titles and descriptions to appear on Google Search. Higher results mean more traffic (Organic Traffic).

In addition, with the Yoast SEO Premium version, you will be able to use the premium functions of this plugin.

3. WP Rocket – Simple and easy to use effective accelerator plugin

When it comes to speed, we will definitely need a faster website.

Means fast enough for users to have the smoothest experience. In addition, speed is also one of the main ranking factors on GG.

WP Rocket – Simple and easy to use effective accelerator plugin

After a long time of use, I rate WP Rocket as the easiest and most stable cache plugin available today.

It helps you reduce the load on the server, with the preload function, visitors will feel your website loads faster than ever.

4. UpdraftPlus Plugins

UpdraftPlus Plugins

We need to be on the lookout for any possible problems, especially on important sites.

And Backup is one of the steps you need to do every day. It will help you recover your website quickly if there is a problem.

You will be more secure from problems such as suddenly losing all data on the website, hacker attack. You simply need to restore and the website is back to the way it was.

Take regular backups, daily, weekly or monthly. There are many backup plugins but I find UpdraftPlus very good and worth using

4. Plugins Gravity Forms

Creating contact forms on the website is very common, almost every site has it.

If many of you wonder why Gravity Forms and not Contact Forms 7. The reason I choose Gravity forms is because it’s easier to use for newbies (with drag and drop support).

Plugins Gravity Forms
Plugins Gravity Forms

In addition, it also has a lot of support add-ons (adding other features) Like creating surveys, polls, quizz, even allowing users to pay right on the form.

6. WooCommerce Plugins

When it comes to sales, it is definitely indispensable for WooCommerce.

One of the most popular platforms today on WordPress. It helps turn your website into an online sales or e-commerce site.

WooCommerce Plugins

Easy to use and customize, plus dozens of WooCommerce Add-ons included. You can easily add functions to your website such as: quick order button, add variations… A lot! You can buy them very cheaply here.

7. Plugin shortpixel

Next is the image compression plugin, I have used quite a few guys now.

And found that Shortpixel is one of the best plugins available today for image compression. The price is also very cheap and affordable $ 5 / month / 7500 images (the price is too cheap).

Plugin shortpixel

I have a detailed comparison of 6 best WordPress Image Compression Plugins available today.

8. CloudFlare Plugins

CloudFlare Plugins

How to make your website load faster, CDN is one of those solutions.

Static images or data always take a long time to load. You can use a CDN to deliver these static files faster.

CloudFlare is one of the very famous CDN providers, it is stable and integrates well with WordPress.

Although this is not a plugin, it is a service well worth using. In addition to CDN, CloudFlare also provides many other services such as anti-Ddos firewall, Spam, SSL

9. SSL

SSL is one of the must-haves these days.

If your website does not have SSL, it will definitely be hidden by GG as unsafe. Especially for e-commerce sites, or that allow online payments.

At that time, SSL is required to secure customer information. There are many SSL providers, you can add free SSL with Let’s Encrypt.

Or buy genuine SSL, there are many types of SSL. Learn more at » What is SSL? Why does your website need it?

10. Plugins Insert Heads and Footers

During the operation of your website, there will come a time when you need to add some code to your WordPress site.

For example, to install Google Analytics or Google Search Console for example. But for newbies sometimes will not know how.

So you can easily use this Insert heads and Footers plugin to do it. Everything is very simple, you just need to copy and paste and be done


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